Why I refuse to polarize in the light (or the dark)

Because polarization judges and rejects. It cuts ourselves in halves. It finds a culprit and shame it. Instead of looking for true compassion and understanding, people polarized in the light become witches and demons hunters. They’ll open their arms conditionally if you’re looking for salvation or redemption. They’ll welcome you as one of them but not as one of you. “We all are one” gone to far is no smoother then a holocaust in disguise. I learned that “we are one” can become sterile, faceless and genderless. I chose instead to become “connected”. Connected to the human and galactic experiences, connected to the universe and to the Earth, the plants, the animals. I understand now that ascending doesn’t mean losing who you are (even if being who you are means losing who you THINK you are).


I see the parts and versions of me that did wrong, that hurt myself and others, that killed and condemned, that is hypocritical and weak, that is selfish and entitled. I chose to be REAL. By choosing this I give myself the right and power to be sorry, to sincerely apologize, to give freely, to love unconditionally, to improve and learn, to get better, emotionally richer and more interesting. I am not looking for absolution. I am not looking for salvation.


I walked many paths over countless lifetimes. I remember now. But i also know that I don’t need to feel guilty or shameful. I don’t need to “cut it out” and throw it away. Instead I can decide to recognize my rightful responsibility, actively integrate lessons and actually HEAL. I realize that when I reject other people’s experiences I actually reject myself because I literally walked miles in everybody’s shoes. Being connected is the power of the healthy empath and therefore the way to express true compassion without taking on someone else's pain. I can see you, feel you, love you. I am NOT you. Not on this plane. We came here to experience polarity and individuality. To ascend on this plane means to fully know, express and integrate YOURSELF.


Angels and demons are both playing you. They are both pitfalls to make you seek powers outside of yourself, therefore creating evermore lessons. Because the universe and God is holographic, all the power and knowledge lies inside of you. In your field, your cells, your DNA. You just need to remember the language to access the library. (Believe me it’s not “that” hard and doesn’t require you to be someone special).



There is NO WAR between light and dark, good or bad, humans and reptilians. It’s all a perfectly orchestrated game we’re playing out with so much passion. Ascending is to recognize this, and stop acting out one part or another. It’s to find this perfect place of peace and balance where you can finally move on in a laugh. Not dissolve in the light.

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